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St. Louis Daily Deals did NOT pay me my portion as agreed upon in the agreement. DO NOT work with this company. They don't know what they are doing and the "old lady" they have working for them does NOT know what she is doing. She claims she worked in radio advertising but clearly she knows nothing about marketing or advertising.

The owner Bill is a "loan officer" with no knowledge of advertising either. He is NOT a professional business man and is a complete smuck!

Take a look at their site and see for yourself. There's no counter showing how many deals have sold!!!! Businesses are finally catching on and are refusing to work with them which is why they run the same deals over and over again.

They are a rip off and have no vested interest in the merchants and are bad pay!!!!!





St Louis Daily Deals Complaint -

HAS ANYONE CONTACTED THE BBB OR TAKEN ANY STEPS THE PAST 3 wks? (the last post i see was on 2/21)



Is anyone going to try and do anything about their coupon purchases? I spent $60 and frankly don't want to lose it to some douche who scammed me.


I can't get my coupons either.It looks to me like these people were running a type of ponzi scheme.

When a person buys a coupon on one of these websites, a percentage of the sale is supposed to go to the merchant associated with the deal. Instead of doing this, it appears that St. Louis Daily Deals was keeping the money and hoping to pay the merchants with future sales. When the future sales didn't happen, everything collapsed.

The merchants didn't get paid.

The website was taken down.Now, everybody loses.


Now the website isn't even online anymore.If you go to, it says that the account has been suspended.

I can't even get my coupons now.What a scam.


I have also not been paid what I was promised, I have honored 80% of the coupons with no pay. I urge all companies that have worked with St. Louis Daily Deals, that have not been paid, to have your lawyer send out a 10 day letter to their home address. If they do not respond, file a case in small claims court, it is around $35 to do so.

My apologies to any customers that have purchased these coupons. When I receive the funds owed I will begin honoring all of your coupons. I will also be offering the same coupon price to any, understanding, return customers.

Please call me with any questions regarding this post:



If any other merchants come across here as a result of no payment over the next few days, feel free to contact me so we may work together to ensure collection of our hard earned money. (314) 272-0309

WARNING: the following may seem harsh but I do not take kindly to people stealing money for services my team works hard to provide and in doing so not only jeopordizes myself and my family but the futures of my loyal employees.

Well, I was just informed today Bill Cummings of St Louis Daily Deals will not be honoring our contract. Our deal ran 75 days ago and we have yet to be paid. They collected over money for over 90 deals for our services and we have not received a dime. After ignoring our calls, Bill finally responded via email to inform me they are selling out and that we would get paid after the sale goes through.

Like the others on here, my company is out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN LABOR COSTS to fulfill these orders and still have more trickling. I'm now forced to continue to honors these "coupons" taking huge losses so that my companies reputation is not destroyed by refusing to honor vouchers from consumers that are victims of the same criminal that violated those of us here and the many others yet to speak thus far.


I have had a service provider now tell me that they can't provide the service since they haven't been paid by this company and can't afford to continue until paid.


Horrible company!As the above poster said, they Dont pay the portion they agree to pay.

They also give anyone their money back which is fine, but then turn around and blame the service provider for it. Don't give anyone their money back if you can't pick up the slack!! They expect you to do clients after the expiration date for free, and the expiration date is on the coupon for a reason.

I have also heard from clients about other bad experiences they have had with dealing with the owners, no returned phone calls or emails, and false advertising.Do not do business with them or buy any coupons from saint Louis daily deals

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